We’ve been in business since 1972, when Alastair Cumming started Pole Specs in Silverdale, just north of Auckland. We’re still based there and our service area covers the Far North, Rodney, Auckland and South Auckland. We’re available for jobs further afield by negotiation.

Many respected engineering consultants have us on their preferred contractors list for remedial works involving pole, steel and concrete retainers and sub-ground soldier pile retaining.

We’re experts at using clever solutions to overcome difficult engineering challenges.


You won’t find the skills our team has on the curriculum of any course – they’re the result of nurturing and transferring knowledge within the company.

We hold weekly meetings to exchange ideas and review our methods. Communication is our strength and all our foremen have mobile phones to communicate with engineers and supervisors. We’re constantly reviewing our staff’s technology needs, so when a decision needs to be made on the spot, it is done quickly and efficiently.

Material usage is recorded in a logbook at our Silverdale yard and tracked by order number. The foreman records on-site information like machine hours, concrete quantities and drill metres daily. The worksheet, logbook and supervisor’s diary are diligently cross-referenced and checked before invoicing.


Prior to a job, we build strong relationships with councils, engineers, material suppliers and subcontractors, meaning your project runs smoothly and efficiently. On commencement of each job, a supervisor ensures that issues like road signs, traffic control and neighbourly relations are handled correctly. We only use quality-assured materials and we ensure quality on site by using engineers and council verification. Experienced supervisors oversee every job, in direct consultation with the business principals.

We work 5 days a week and all our work is fully guaranteed.

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